Can U C Me?

This blog has grown out of a desire to do something...anything... consistently and I almost have, for one year, with a bit of a gap between the Iranian Protests and the Haitian Earthquake! I am 51, I have fibromyalgia which simply spells P A I N plus headaches, year long flu symptoms and exhaustion , also heart disease, thyroid problems and a sprinkling of depressive disorder! My youngest son is 13, has ADHD and more energy than any "energizer bunny" I've ever seen, pink or not! I don't go out much anymore...unless it's dark, I'm wearing a hat...and a big coat to cover the fact that I'm really in PJ's having only left my slippers behind! (actually sometimes I do wear my slippers...I live in a small village...Stacey London would go MAD!)

Anyway, I'm reaching out, by reaching in as it were! I write about my life (!) current family and anything that occurs to me. Hope you'll stay awhile and even if you only stay a minute Please ... Please leave a comment! I get so excited when I get a comment it just makes my day! Thanks .

Saturday, May 25, 2013

How 2 b consistently inconsistent!

Oh's been a year since I've written and so much has happened.  For starters....I'M HEALED !!!!>>>> Well no I'm not healed unfortunately, but I'm also not dead so that's good.  I've decided that it"s best to have NO expectations rather than setting the bar too high.  That way by default my day has been successful if I manage to get out of bed, or if I answer the phone and speak to another human being!  Not that my son and his friends aren't human, but my standards for vocabulary,clothing, food choices, and terms of endearment have suffered abit in the past 10 years. But it's Spring/Summer again and my butterflies will be back because my lilacs are blooming and I'll try to make this gorgeous sunshine fill me up and raise me up.  I have promised my sister that I will try to eat better and get somone in to do the things I cannot so without crashing.
I have also become obsessed with the Jodi Arias trial and I am floored by the recent mistrial and I wonder what was going on in that jury room who had signed up to declare the death penalty but then they didn't??!!
I foolishly looked at the crime scene photos of that poor young man and there's NO POSSIBLE WAY that she had mitigating factors to avoid death. NONE!!!! In her appeal for life she sounded as if she was applying to be on student council suggesting that Travis Alexander being stabbed 29 times, had his throat slit from ear to ear, dragged into the bathroom and pushed in the shower, and shot him in the head and left him there to rot while sending him phone messages.? But there's something going on with the jury foreman that I think will be examined and found to be lacking...perhaps criminal.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Just followed you on Twitter and looked at your blog. (midnite.espresso/BlackShadow) We have a lot in common, several similarities in life stories. I live with chronic problems too. Stay positive. Cheers, David.

Anonymous said...

Something to make your day. I am a lesbian and i think you are gorgeous and courageously beautiful! Set the bar high and have faith. That is the combination you need to believe in. I can understand loving the butterflies and noticing their arrival. It is more than many people can appreciate of life. You have a child that gives you a sense of purpose. Your life is richly felt in many ways, though one of them is painful. I wish i could have the cure, but think... If you didn't have the pain, could you appreciate what you don't have? I am not cruel, i jus think God does not roll the dice with our lives. NAMASTE.

newt said...

Thank you soooo much for sharing...I've just checked in after a huge dessert of the soul and your comment has made my year so far! Bless you for sharing and your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

newt said...

Desert of the soul NOT dessert, although a dessert would have been nicer! Need to be a better editor!