Friday, May 26, 2017

"Decoding Daesh" And why i.s.i.s. doesn't like why don't we use it!

Over the past few years, with all the focus on isis, its recruitment techniques, and actions, I had heard them called Daesh, and knew that this name was an insult to them. I had no idea why it was insulting, but it was insulting enough to make them change it... and I didn't really understand why, if it was "insulting", we weren't using it instead of Isis!?
I found this article by linguist Alice Guthrie, " Decoding Daesh: Why is the new name for ISIS so hard to  understand?"Decoding Daesh: Why Is The New Name For ISIS So Hard To Understand?ecoding Daesh: Why 
She explains, in great depth, the Arabic and English translations and why isis members HATE the term Daesh. This article was scribed in 2015 but the information remains relevant and the idea of insulting isis, just as attractive. Below are some highlights from this article and the link to it so you can read it all, as my summary does not do it justice!

"Over the last few months, there has been a concerted effort by several senior global politicians to give a new name to the group known as ISIS, or Islamic State, IS or ISIL. That new name is ‘Daesh’. If you’ve followed coverage of this attempted official linguistic sea change, you’ll have gathered that the new name, although it’s just an Arabic acronym equivalent to the English ‘ISIS’, apparently delegitimises the organisation, mocks them, and thus drives them to threaten taking violent retribution on anyone who uses it."

"So the insult picked up on by Daesh is not just that the name makes them sound little, silly, and powerless, but that it implies they are monsters, and that they are made-up." ( they are "monsters" but unfortunately not made up although their interpretation of Islam IS made up)

The article is long and sometimes confusing since I am not a linguist and not familiar with Arabic. In 
summary what I understand is that Daesh, in Arabic, sends a negative impression of isis.  So again why don't we all call them by this name...I know President Obama used this term on occasion but not consistently....why? It's not as if they're going to murder people more heinously if we call them Daesh...they're pretty well maxed out in that department!
What do you think?

Sitting under the Apple Tree

Yesterday I was in awe of the beautiful blossoms covering my crabapple tree.  I was drawn to it. It's branches are low ( I had a pic for you but having trouble uploading it!) and when you sit under it, it envelops you like a delicate teepee made entirely of flowers. I was sitting there soaking in its glory when I realized I could hear this strange but loud humming, almost like hydro wires. At first I got up to see if my neighbours were using some new fangled gardening equipment but nothing! I sat down again and the beauty surrounded me once more.  I closed my eyes and when I did this, I could sense that the sound was moving...louder then softer, then louder for a second with a background of harmonizing tones.  When I opened my eyes and just stared upwards through the tree I saw them...maybe 50-60 or more wonderfully fat little bumblebees, floating from blossom to blossom over every inch of the tree! It was was a symphony and I was the only ticket holder! What a blessing! I stayed and marvelled at these little creatures who technically can't fly under the laws of science, but I guess no one told them that, and here they are, up in the air cool is that!
Finally I was driven away after multiple mosquitos drained my blood supply and then started on making a meal of my face.
I just wish you all could have been there to enjoy this magical moment with me.
Wishing you all magical moments from God's YouTube channel!
Good night.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Olivia found deceased

Just checked Twitter and found out that Olivia had been found but she is deceased. Heartbreaking.
Nothing to say but to her family and friends...I am so very sorry. I don't understand the minds of these deranged murderers that they could take these innocent lives with no cause. Unfathomable.

Where's Olivia?

Last night, during the chaos of the Manchester Terror attack, CNN's Don Lemon took a call from a mother who was desperate to find her daughter.  She spoke to Don about how excited Olivia Campbell had been about going to this concert with her friend Adam.
Since the bombing, Mom ( Charlotte ) had been calling both Olivia and Adam, but the calls went unanswered.
It was heart wrenching to hear this poor mother so desperate and feeling powerless to do ANYTHING to make this nightmare disappear.  She kept saying " I just want her home". I thought about this family all night and watched CNN and Twitter today for news of Olivia and Adam.
Through Twitter I found a post that Adam was in hospital...I hope the same Adam although any Adam not killed is joyful...but Olivia is on the MISSING list.  Her Uncle has been searching hospitals and hotels but nothing.
I can't imagine how devastated Charlotte is.  I think about them both especially because I know some of their story,, have heard her mother' pleas for help...he daughters picture haunts me.  Yet I know there are dozens or more Olivias and Charlottes in Manchester tonight who are struggling to stay sane, struggling to put and end to this nightmare. Ending the nightmare could be another nightmare in itself.
Something else to recover from.
I pray these families can hang on to hope and lean on each other for comfort.
The world is with you all...with you Charlotte and Olivia...though the unimaginable is almost impossible to grasp you will get through this.
I don't know how,
but you will.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Suicide bomber attacks Ariana Grande concert in Manchester...

England , what evil demon could choose a group of teens as their victims.  The chaos, the screams, 19 killed 59 injured, statistics likely to rise. It's unbelievable and heart rending to watch the videos with tweens dashing down to the exits where terrified parents watch and wait for their child to appear.  An overwhelmed and desperate mother calls into CNN to talk about her daughter Olivia and her friend Adam, are now missing, not answering their phones...there are many more parents in the same situation.  Horrific.
The bomber waited for the concert to end as some 20,000 teens began to leave when an explosion rocked the concert hall and panic ensued.  It appears the bomb exploded outside the safe zone at the exit where kids were gathering to meet their parents to pick them up.
Some will never go home.
My heart breaks for all the teens and their families who will forever be changed by this vile act.
No one has laid claim to this act as of yet.

Best tiny design for me!

My dream tiny house
This is the most fantastic tiny house I've seen...I think I would use the second loft as a living room with daybeds with storage or IKEA modular sofas with storage and guest room capabilities. I drew like every time I watch this goes too fast for me! I love the stairs and the whole concept.
Do you like it?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tiny House Nation

 I've mentioned I have a dream of moving from my little house in a farming village of 1000. I've loved living so close to nature but since I've been ill I find that even this small house(1200 sq. ft.) has a lot of maintenance issues that are really too much for me.  I'm just not sure whether tiny living would have its own maintenance issues that I may find too much.  A couple of years ago my son and a friend of his took an off grid, tiny house vacation, and there was something really freeing about existing in such a simple way.  We were right on the Tay river in Perth Ontario , in 97 square feet, not far from the town, yet it felt like you were miles away from the bustle of anything. It got me thinking.  I think one of the biggest obstructions is where to park these little gems because there are so many obstacles with ordinances limiting how big your house can be, and although living on wheels iliminates much of that, then you are faced with having to move your home because as an RV ( which tiny houses on wheels are considered to be ) you can't live in it year round unless you're in an RV Park.  I think I could do it where I live now, but I want to be closer to family, where housing costs are way out of my league! What to do? If there are any other tiny housers out there in Ontario Canada with ideas, please share as I continue to reach out and research. Thanks.